Knihovna pro komunikaci s AbraFlexi

Updated 2 weeks ago

Set of commandline tools for interaction with AbraFlexi server

Updated 3 weeks ago

Odesílač upomínek pro FlexiBee

Updated 1 month ago

Trigger FlexiBee contracts to generate invoices

Updated 2 months ago

Developer's tool for AbraFlexi

Updated 5 months ago

Párovač faktur pro AbraFlexi

Updated 7 months ago

Debian Package for server-only deploy of czech accounting system AbraFlexi

Updated 8 months ago

Digest generator

Updated 8 months ago

DataTables filled with ABRAFLEXI by PHP

Updated 8 months ago

Get workhours from Toggl adm make Invoice with CSV and XLSx timesheets attatched into.

Updated 9 months ago

Redmine to AbraFlexi importer

Updated 10 months ago

Simple tool able to comple FlexiBee customs reports into given destination

Updated 10 months ago

Skript pro pro import KvElektro CSV do skladu AbraFlexi

Updated 1 year ago