Knihovna pro komunikaci s AbraFlexi

Updated 4 days ago

Developer's tool for AbraFlexi

Updated 4 days ago

Párovač faktur pro AbraFlexi

Updated 1 week ago

Debian Package for server-only deploy of czech accounting system AbraFlexi

Updated 3 weeks ago

Set of commandline tools for interaction with AbraFlexi server

Updated 3 weeks ago

Trigger FlexiBee contracts to generate invoices

Updated 3 weeks ago

Odesílač upomínek pro FlexiBee

Updated 4 weeks ago

DataTables filled with ABRAFLEXI by PHP

Updated 1 month ago

Get workhours from Toggl adm make Invoice with CSV and XLSx timesheets attatched into.

Updated 2 months ago

Redmine to AbraFlexi importer

Updated 3 months ago

Simple tool able to comple FlexiBee customs reports into given destination

Updated 3 months ago

Skript pro pro import KvElektro CSV do skladu AbraFlexi

Updated 8 months ago